The Writer’s Life According To Jack Sparrow

Yo-ho, yo-ho, a writer’s life for me…I think. Here are 11 gifs that sum up a writer’s life quite nicely.

When a new idea hits you.
When your cat mocks yourΒ new idea.
Writer’s block.
This chapter needs some work…
The cat’s on the keyboard again.
The first time someone asks about your book.
sparrow 2
When a friend/relative singles you out as a writer.
When you’re forced to socialize.
The one time you have company over.
When someone criticizes your writing.
When you get a good review on your book.

44 thoughts on “The Writer’s Life According To Jack Sparrow

  1. These are spot on! πŸ™‚ I’ve seen almost all of them at different times, I’m sure. I’ve got one for writers/readers ” We’re going to have a magnificent book store raid and your not invited”


  2. So, so, so funny. I love this. My favorites are: “when a cat sits on your keyboard,” “when someone asks about your novel for the first time,” and “when you’re forced to socialize.”


  3. I LOVE this post!

    I have viewed a few of your posts and like what I see. You have a great sense of humor in addition to writing talent. I am now a new follower. I found your blog via Eve Messenger.


  4. I am new here first day reading this and it is crazy awesome! Ive never even watched any pirates of the Caribbean movies but those gifs are the best! I love when the cat is on your keyboard. Even though I don’t have a cat and I’ve always wanted get one.


  5. You are so funny. I just watched almost all the rest of your writers life according to things. You’ve seen Wallace and Gromit? aaaaah I had no idea anyone but me and my family did. I remember watching them when I was five and have watched them for nine years since! (Do the math and you’ve got my age)

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