Welcome to You Write Fiction

Hello, internet navigator! You’ve made it to You Write Fiction, my lair of fiction-related shenaniganry. Whether you found this page by mistake and are already spamming the return button or actually knew what you were doing, I’m glad you’re here!

Who Am I

My name is Nate. I look a little bit like the guy in the avatar at the top of the page, and a little bit more like this:

If you’re really that curious, you can read more about me in the cleverly named About Me page. For now, here are the basics:

  1. I’m an indie author of fantasy novels and assorted short stories.
  2. I love Jesus.
  3. My snark and sarcasm levels are almost as high as my caffeine intake levels.
  4. I suffer from arachnophobia, thalassophobia (look it up), and mild misophonia. If you’re a big hairy spider, a large sea-creature, or an irritating or sudden noise, please leave now. If not, we’ll get along great!
  5. Some of my hobbies/interests are the Legend of Zelda, Jedi training, fantasy fiction reading, map-drawing…see the trend?

If  you decide to stick around, we may get to know each other a bit more!
What do I write about here

As my tagline states, I write about reading, writing, and all things related to fiction. Most of my blog posts are just for entertainment purposes, but every now and then something practical or helpful might pop up. Bottom line: I try not to take myself too seriously.

To sample my most recent posts, head over to the blog section. Or you could just check out my most popular posts linked to the right of your screen.

How to contact me

Luckily for you, I’ve left my grubby fingerprints all over the place. You can find me on social media at the following sites, or you can drop a comment anywhere here! I try to respond to 99% of said comments, unless you’re only there to talk about big hairy spiders, large sea-creatures, or irritating and sudden noises.

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(Hint: I’m most active on Twitter. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you only want to be friends in one place, go there. I update Pinterest regularly as well. Instagram and Facebook, not quite as much, but if you contact me there, I will see it.)