Recommended Indie Books

A compilation of books by indie authors that I can genuinely recommend. I’ll keep the list updated whenever I can, so drop in every now and then to find something new!

Books on this list will be: 

  • Finished or in progress. I won’t recommend a book I haven’t read.
  • Clean (no explicit sexual content and no excessive language or graphic violence) by personal choice.
  • Legitimately enjoyed by yours truly. These are personal recommendations.
  • Written by indie authors (as a general rule).

Books on this list will not be:

  • Part of any exchange or review request. I don’t run a review blog.
  • Perfect. No book is. But if it’s here, there’s a reason for that.
  • Rated/reviewed here. I certainly review and rate on Goodreads and/or Amazon, but I don’t feel like this is the place for opinion-based rankings.

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Where the Woods Grow WildWhere the Woods Grow Wild (Nate Philbrick)

A forest looms over Bardun Village. Nobody goes in. Nothing comes out. The secrets in the oaks remain hidden until a mischievous escapade thrusts Martin and Elodie behind the silent trees. Separated and lost in a tangle of fantasy, they discover more than animals roam where the woods grow wild.

The Beast of TalesendThe Beast of Talesend (Kyle Robert Shultz)

Private eye Nick Beasley lives in a world where fairy tales ended a long time ago – where zeppelins now soar the skies instead of dragons, and where the first automobiles have taken the place of flying carpets. He’s made a name for himself across the Afterlands by debunking fake magicians and exposing fraudulent monsters. This is the modern age, after all. Magic and monsters are long gone.


AshesAshes (Grace Crandall)

Fendin, a spy for the dark tyrant Esgor, wants nothing more than freedom. Working undercover in the closely knit Resistance, he makes his own escape–with little care for how many lives his liberty costs. Rid of his bondage, he sets off in search of a better life…
But he finds there is no escape from the ghosts of his past.


Skies of Dripping GoldSkies of Dripping Gold (Hannah Heath)

In an angry, frightened world where the Poison claims many lives, a young man’s belief in Paradise has collapsed into a distant dream. Gabriel can no longer place his trust in the existence of such a place. Not when his sister’s pain continues to sap her strength. Not when prayers for her healing go unanswered.



Rose of ProphecyRose of Prophecy (Hope Ann)

Perfect for those who love fantasy, but don’t have the time to sit down for a full-length novel, Rose of Prophecy presents the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast in a fresh light with several new and surprising twists. A fantasy saturated story, with an ancient promise, an invisible spy, and the legendary Stieg der, this is more than a mere retelling of a favorite fairy tale.