The Writer’s Life According To (Part 2)…Sheldon Cooper

Merry post-Christmas! In the spirit of Saturnalia festivities, I’ve decided to return to the land of gifs. You’ve seen the writer’s life according to Jack Sparrow. Now I present to you the writer’s life according to Sheldon Cooper!

giphy (6)
When someone interrupts your writing session.
giphy (5)
Leaving your characters for the night…
giphy (11)
When you find a typo in your 5th draft.
Writer’s block…again…
And when you finally break through it.
When readers yell at you for killing off their favorite character.
When someone says they don’t like reading.
giphy (1)
When a friend recommends your book in front of you.
giphy (4)
Trying to be happy for other writers and their 500 good reviews.
giphy (3)
“Just because I’m a writer doesn’t mean I don’t have friends…”
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