Persevering Through Frustration

In terms of my quest to become a full time writer, yesterday was a pretty frustrating day. To give you the general idea…

  • I hadn’t made any book sales in two weeks.
  • Spent my lunch break brainstorming marketing ideas, none of which would work because I live on a different continent than most of my readers.
  • What should have been a half-hour compiling task for a new ebook turned into a four-hour wrestling match with Scrivener.
  • Changed my mind about 15 times regarding the future of said ebook.
  • College loan payments…my soul ached for my bank account.
  • My laptop decided to update in the middle of all that, which not only interrupted my fine-tuned schedule, it also managed to screw up my desktop somehow (fixed it since, but still).
  • At the end of the day, I didn’t get a single word written on my novel, which I’m already behind on.


Okay, so it could have been a lot worse. But for a pessimist like me, those problems add up quickly. So…my dream of living off my various writing pursuits took a bit of an emotional bump.

But I’m not here to wallow, I promise! I only bring all that up because I want to drive home a point. It’s about perseverance.

Working hard to get to where you want to be is easy when things are more or less lining up nicely for you. It’s when obstacles start popping up that you really get a chance to prove your mettle. 

I know you all have days like I did yesterday, and much, much worse. Don’t give up on the small goals, and you’ll find yourself climbing towards the big ones. 

Today I’m going back at it as hard as I can. You can too.

As long as no one steps on a LEGO, there will always be hope.