Q&A – Questions Wanted!

Hi, all!

This post is just a quick announcement/request:

In anticipation of reaching four thousand followers on Twitter (getting close!), I’m planning a Q&A video to celebrate! If you’re curious about my writing process, The Broken City of Crows, other work, my personal life, or anything else, comment below or shoot me a message on Twitter @NatePhilbrick!

I want the video to be ready to post when we hit 4k, so I’m getting a head start. Help me make this a fun project!

5 thoughts on “Q&A – Questions Wanted!

  1. Is it okay if I have several? Others are probably going to have similar questions, but I thought I’d just go ahead:
    1) Where did you get your inspiration for The Broken City of Crows? 2) Do you like writing about Martin or Amos better and why? and 3) how do you plan your writing schedule around work/life stuff etc.?
    Looking forward to the video! And the next Wattpad chapter! 😀


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