Book Review – Where the Woods Grow Wild

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Hannah’s Novel Notions: Where the Woods Grow Wild by Nate Philbrick

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When people think of fantasy novels, they usually think of woods. Trees and rivers and magic and elves and great battles. Those are common parts of fantasy novels, which is why I’m always expecting something along those lines when I pick up a book in the fantasy genre.

Hannah's Novel Notions: Where the Woods Grow Wild by Nate PhilbrickBut the last fantasy novel I read surprised me. It had woods, like most others. How could it not? With a name like Where the Woods Grow Wild, I’d feel cheated if it didn’t. But its woods were different from the ones I’m used to seeing in other books. And instead of elves, I got shapeshifters and less-than-elegant dryads. In place of great battles, I got struggles on a smaller, more personal scale.

It was unlike many fantasy novels I’ve read, and in the best possible way.

Where the Woods Grow Wild is written and published by Nate Philbrick, a talent…

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The Writer’s Life According to Star Wars

I’m back from Christmas vacation and a blogging hiatus. It seems to have been a Star Wars themed break as well, given Rogue One and a number of re-watches at my place. Therefore, I decided to kick off the 2017 blogging year with a Star Wars themed post. Here we see the writer’s life as told by Star Wars gifs…

When a new story idea wakes you up.
When you solve a plot hole in the middle of, well, some random activity…
When MS Word starts underlining all your made-up words.
When you find a typo in your proof copy.
When you try writing without caffeine…
The aftermath of a character death.
When someone tells you how hard it is to make a living as a writer.
When you realize how hard it is to make a living as a writer.
When you find out your friend is reading Twilight.
When your villain starts to grow on you.

Have a great day everyone, and may the Force be with you!