Where The Woods Grow Wild: Explore The Story World

In the first sneak-peek post, I shared my blurb for Where The Woods Grow Wild. On Wednesday, you guys got to meet some of the characters from the story. As announced in the schedule, today I’m going to give you a quick tour of the world where the events of Where The Woods Grow Wild take place.

Note: I found these pieces of art on Pinterest. Besides the map, none of them belong to me. Each talented artist will be credited and linked to. Their artwork is merely representative and inspirational, not an actual depiction of the locations.

If you were expecting expansive maps with kingdoms, countries, or provinces, you might be surprised to see that the world of Where The Woods Grow Wild (or at least the world affected therein) isn’t a world at all, but simple village on the edge of a forest.

map vector HDR.jpg
Art by yours truly! This one does belong to me.

While our story may not send characters on long journeys across the land, each side of the coin–the ordinary side and the wild side–has its share of peculiar places to explore. Let’s begin in…

Bardun Village

As you may have gathered by now, Bardun Village is a town for simple folk who prefer to live ordinary lives. Built around the grand clock tower, Bardun Village isn’t the biggest town, or the most important town, or even the prettiest town. But Mayor Clarenbald makes sure that the people’s needs are met, and at the end of the day, that’s enough.

Bart de Vries on Artstation

Two roads exit Bardun Village. The road to the north takes you to Aldenturf and the towns beyond Aldenturf, where many people end up going to find a respectable trade. The road to the south takes you nowhere in particular. You’re bound to hit a town or city if you follow it far enough, but with Aldenturf only a handful of hours away by wagon, there’s simply no need.

Besides the clock tower, Bardun Village consists of family dwellings, a few trade shops, an apothecary, a market square, an orchard, farmland to the west, and wild fields to the east. There are, however, two places that deserve a mention of their own.

The first is the Cabbage Cart, the large building off the south road. Though it’s technically an inn, the Cabbage Cart serves mostly as a place for the townspeople to pass the time in the evenings over bowls of onion soup. This is where we’ll meet our first protagonist, Martin Colter, as he works as the Cabbage Cart’s dish washer, wood stacker, and general handyman.

Art by Allan Bernardo on Artstation

The second is the mayor’s residence, a grand building jutting from the market square. This is, of course, where Mayor Clarenbald conducts his mayorly business, served by his team of giggling maids along with his trusty (sometimes) courier, who happens to be our other protagonist, Elodie Tuck.

Art by Jinwon Yun at Artstation

The rest of the village is, to be frank, quite boring, so we’ll skip it. However, should you decide to take the south road and cut across the fields on your left, you’ll soon stand in the shadow of…

The Forest

From the outside, the forest looks like…well, like an ordinary oak forest. It’s when you delve into the inner workings that you realize the woods are a world of their own. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to tell you too much about it. The dryads wouldn’t be happy if I revealed the location of their island palace, for instance. Nor can I point out the Turtlegabble River, because it’s pretty hard to find, or the Minnowchuck River, because that delves into spoiler territory. I should warn you, though…don’t cross the Minnowchuck. Trunders live on the other side, and they’re vicious.

If I could show you the woods, they might look something like this…

Art by Mikael Gustafsson at Dribble

I wish I could tell you more about the forest. I truly do. But it wouldn’t be fair for me to suck the mystery out of things, would it? Not to mention the fact that I’d have to tell the turtle blossoms, the sting finches, the sage vipers, and the bog boars why I’m posting random blog articles about their habitat (oh, and the less I say about the shape-shifting morpher, the better).

That brings this post to a conclusion! To explore the rest of the story world, you’ll have to take a walk where the woods grow wild for yourself…

Guys. Guys. Hold on. Next Wednesday, on September the 14th, I’m posting the entire first chapter of Where The Woods Grow Wild right here on You Write Fiction! Mark your calendar and be sure to come back for more!

In the meantime, have a great day.


15 thoughts on “Where The Woods Grow Wild: Explore The Story World

  1. Dude. This is so cool. I love getting to see where this book is going to take place. What a great idea for a post!

    Also, now I want onion soup at the Cabbage Cart.

    Super excited for this novel. Looking forward to the release of the first chapter!


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