A Writer’s Seven Deadly Sins

Today’s brief post is brought to you by the morning grumpies and perhaps a pinch of tough reality.


The punchline of many writerly jokes on social media, procrastination is the subtle, seemingly harmless force that keeps masterpieces unpublished.


Thoroughness is your friend, but at some point you have to let go of your manuscript and accept it the way it is. No story will ever be completely flawless no matter how much you fret over it.


Then again, rushing things is the quickest way to kill your book. Trust me, I know. Writing takes time. Editing takes more time. To hurry is to miss a glaring plot hole or typo.


Everybody thinks their opinion is the One To Rule Them All. Be teachable, but make your own decisions and stick to them. Your story offended that one lady at Walmart? Be polite, but at the same time…who cares?


The more people climb above the standard, the more the standard will rise, and at the end of the day we might actually start to drain the waste out of this saturated market.


Respect, learn from, and admire your favorite authors, but don’t try to be like them or sound like them. Find your own voice, develop it, and make it shine.


Inactivity is procrastination’s older sibling. If you sit around watching Youtube videos while waiting for ‘inspiration’ to hit, you’re doing it wrong. Inspiration gives you ideas, but it won’t finish a draft for you. Only discipline can do that. Not only that, but the longer you go without working your writing muscles, the harder it’ll be to sharpen your mind when you try to get back into it.

Thanks for stopping by. Go forth, confess your sins, and write stuff. Catch ya next time.



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