The Writer’s Life According To Sherlock Holmes

Another week, another Monday, another installment in the Writer’s Life According To… series. This time around we’re going with a reader’s request: BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. Shall we begin?

Non-cliche descriptions can be tough.
It’s important to prepare for each writing session.
When your beta readers get back to you.
No, we’re not totally insensitive…
The writer-protagonist friendship in a nutshell.
giphy (1)
When a friend goes on about a story they always wanted to write.
giphy (2)
“Oh, you’re an author? You should write about–“
giphy (3)
When you lose yourself in an emotional scene.
giphy (4)
Fairly self-explanatory.
The obligatory when-you-get-an-idea-in-public reaction.

Thanks to S.M. Metzler for the suggestion! And have a fantastic week, everyone.

Note: all gifs found on, header image and characters belong to BBC.Β 

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