24 Little Things To Make A Writer Smile

In terms of the writing side of my life, the past month has been disappointing. Since finishing my first draft in March, I haven’t had time to roll up my sleeves and get a big chunk of editing done. I’ve been tied up with other editing projects that don’t seem to end, work, and other assorted distractions. You know how it is.

But it’s not always the glamorous achievements that make being a writer feel worthwhile. I can’t finish a draft, or complete a manuscript edit, or reveal a new cover every day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make writers smile.

Little things like…

Coffee early in the morning

Rainy days

Exciting ideas

The smell of paper

Days of good handwriting

New pens and pencils

Finding a new tea flavor

Comfortable chairs

Working under an open window

An organized desk

Fun bits of research

Words like disgruntled or plump

Five minutes of daydreaming

The tap-tap of the keyboard

Sticky notes and bookmarks and index cards

Quiet rooms

Ink-stained fingers

Motivational snacks

Quotations you don’t understand but share anyways

Coffee shops

Successful outlines

Funny snippets of dialogue

Pajama workdays

Knowing you can do it all again tomorrow

What are the little things about being a writer that you enjoy the most?



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