Starting Back Up, Book Title Help, Etc.

Hey all. I’ve been away from wordpress for a few weeks, for a variety of reasons. I plan to get the ball rolling again this week with the regular sort of posts, but I thought I’d give a quick update to those who follow regularly.

While I’ve been gone, the cover art for my upcoming fantasy novel has been in the works and I’m excited to say it’s almost done. I’ll be posting a reveal in the next few weeks, hopefully .

That being said, there’s been a setback. My plan was to release the novel on April 23rd to coincide with a book fair in my city. Several factors have led me to postpone the release, chiefly among them being the simple element of time. I really want to hone this story as much as I can, and I simply haven’t had the time to devote to it this month. I’ll keep you all up to date!

I’m also trying to find the right title for the book. I’ve cycled through several ideas by now, and the current option is Where The Woods Grow Wild. What do you guys think of that? Is it too similar to Where The Wild Things Are? (The stories are quite different both in audience and plot, don’t worry!) Independently, does it grab your attention? Or does it suck? I need to know!

In the meantime, the support and excitement you guys share with me is super encouraging!

I’ve also been decently quiet on Twitter. I’ll be back, no worries. I just haven’t had as much to say lately.

Looking forward to revving up the blog engine again, folks!

16 thoughts on “Starting Back Up, Book Title Help, Etc.

  1. Hi Nate, I do like the title but I did think of “Where the Wild Things are” immediately. That may not be a bad thing. The title has a nice cadence and sounds great. When I say it out loud I don’t think of “Where the Wild Things are”, just when I read it. Does a potential illusion to that story add anything to your book? Does it detract anything?

    Looking forward to the cover reveal!


    1. Yeah, I know a lot of people will make that association. To be honest, I haven’t read or watched WTWTA, so I don’t know what ties there may potentially be. I’ll keep brainstorming and tweaking!


  2. Where The Woods Grow Wild doesn’t sound like a bad title at all. Honestly, I didn’t think of Where The Wild Things Are, I thought of Where The Red Fern Grows. XD I guess it’s just a type of title.


  3. Good to see you back!! I really like the title, seems original and interesting. I do see the similarity with Where The Wild Things Are, but might not have picked it if you hadn’t mentioned it. Very exciting 🙂 Are you going ahead with self-publishing or thinking of sending it to a publisher? And on the twitter front #1linewed tomorrow!! (well today for me but I might wait a bit)


  4. ‘Where the Woods Grow Wild’: It sounds like a half hidden doorway to an adventure waiting to happen – or that has happened, but just waiting for someone to stumble upon it. (i.e. A title I’d be drawn to)


  5. I also didn’t think of Where The Wild Things Are when I read the title. It does have a similar ring, but so do a lot of titles. I think the title works great. With a solid cover it should stand out.


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