30 Book/Reading Facts About Me

Here are some random facts about books, reading, and yours truly! Just for us to get to know each other a bit more. Also, they’re in no particular order.

#1 Eldest (Paolini) is the first book I remember buying (as opposed to borrowing or receiving as a gift).

#2 I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks.

#3 Fantasy is by far my favorite fiction genre, though I can’t seem to get into urban fantasy.

#4 Having to wait for the next book in a series to be released doesn’t really bother me. If it’s good enough, I can be patient.

#5 I watched the Harry Potter movies before I read the books, and I loved both.

#6 It really, really bugs me when overrated authors make loads of money off mediocre (or just plain bad) storytelling.

#7 Every movie director that thinks they can add to a story already told in a book deserves a slap on the face.

#8 I’m more emotional than most would guess, but I don’t recall ever actually crying over a book.

#9 I really want to read the Percy Jackson series (even though I’m a decade behind schedule), but I’m saving up for a nice box set.

#10 I’m a sucker for fantastical creatures/races in books, except for elves and dwarves. They’re just not as interesting to me.

#11 In general, I prefer fantasy adventure plots over fantasy war plots.

#12 I have a hard time getting into books with more than a handful of main characters/plotlines.

#13 My attention span when reading is shorter than I’d like it to be. I need frequent breaks to move around.

#14 However, I can’t stop reading in the middle of a scene/page. I have to reach the next page break or chapter ending before putting the book down.

#15 I’m not afraid to skip over entire description/technical/jargon sections if they’re too complex for me to follow (which is probably why I avoid sci-fi novels).

#16 I’ve never purchased a book at a Barnes & Noble.

#17 Besides English as my native language, I also speak Spanish and Catalan 100% fluently, since I live in Barcelona. However, I don’t enjoy reading in those languages as much.

#18 Most of my reading takes place in the evening or at night.

#19 I haven’t been to a library for non-research purposes since I was a kid. Don’t judge me.

#20 Most of the time I don’t use bookmarks or other placeholders. I find it easiest just to remember the page number where I leave off.

#21 Bittersweet endings are, in my opinion, the best kind of ending.

#22 The book I’ve read the most times (I think) is Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code.

#23 I only read multiple books at a time if one of them is an ebook and the other is a hard copy. Don’t ask me why.

#24 I prefer cream-colored pages over white pages, and will change my Kindle settings to that end.

#25 I can read over conversation, but if the T.V. or radio are playing, I have a really hard time focusing.

#26 I absolutely love maps in books. I try to memorize as much of the map as possible before I start reading.

#27 I don’t like reading dialogue spelled out with a heavy accent. Sorry, Mark Twain. It just gets on my nerves. I draw the line at Hagrid.

#28 I’m frequently disappointed to see English-speaking authors try to incorporate foreign languages into their dialogue and fall short of the mark, especially with Spanish.

#29 I honestly don’t care if chapters have titles or not.

#30 Most of the time, 1st person present-tense narrative annoys me, which is why I enjoyed the Hunger Games movies more than the books. Sorry, guys. I’m a 3rd person reader.

What are some readerly facts about you? Do we share things in common, or are we totally different? Write your own post with 30 facts if you feel like it, or comment below!

8 thoughts on “30 Book/Reading Facts About Me

  1. I also like The Hunger Games movies more than the books, but that’s more because I thought Katniss way too shallow of a character and too whiny for me in the books. I don’t mind first-person present if it’s done well, but those are few and far between.


  2. Hoorah for number 7! (We’re looking at you, Peter Jackson!!) XD
    A first person has to be pretty well done, but overall it doesn’t bother me too much. I thought the Percy Jackson series was really well done for that. In the next series (Heroes of Olympus), it lacked a lot of Percy’s outlook that made the first books so good.


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