5 Things You Need To Be A Writer

So, you like telling stories, and you figure you’ll take a shot at getting those stories down on paper. After all, authors rake in cash on a daily basis, and you want in! Long story short, you want to be a writer.ย Here’s what you’ll need to get started…

A good story idea, as illustrated below.


Desk and posture-favoring chair, as illustrated below.


Pet or companion of choice (most writer kits come with a sample cat, as illustrated below).


Bookshelf space for your bestseller, as illustrated below.


Coffee or tea to keep you alertย and productive, as illustrated below.


And that’s all there is to it! Now you can be a writer!

(Disclaimer: I spent way too much time throwing this together. I should go write, as illustrated above.)



14 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Be A Writer

  1. I love this. Great little Friday interlude, thank you! If you were going to really go for it, I’d say you need some kind of rubber body suit to bounce off all the ‘feedback’ that makes you feel like a moron too. Although I don’t know how I’d depict that in a picture.


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