Writerly Plans For 2016

December is coming to a close, as is the calendar year, and it’s been a heck of a ride! As a quick recap, the year 2015 saw…

  • The (self) publication of my novel, Little One, and a short story, Judgment Wheel, which combined for nearly 1000 total downloads.
  • My college graduation.
  • The start of two brand new fantasy novels.
  • A foray into an assortment of freelance copy editing and translating jobs.
  • That small-but-sweet 2k follower milestone on Twitter.
  • The birth of You Write Fiction from the ashes of the old website/blog (as well as a staggering weekly audience growth and nearly 100 total subscribers in just a month!)
  • The chance to connect with a lot of great people…that means you!

Yep, it’s been a pretty full year. I’m really excited about starting a new one. Here’s a glimpse at the plans I have for 2016, along with a few resolutions…

Blog post reduction

Since launching You Write Fiction back in November, I’ve been posting daily. However, that’s pretty time-consuming, so I’m going to be downscaling to 4-5 posts per week.

More indie reading

One of my goals for 2016 is to read one indie book each week, totalling 52 books by the end of the year. We’ll see if my schedule and my wallet end up approving…

Fantasy novel release

A while back I announced the title of my upcoming fantasy novel, The Children of Falore. I’m working hard at it, and hopefully it’ll be on schedule for a late-April release.

Social media expansion

I’m pretty active on Twitter, and the growth has been evident, but I want to expand to other social media platforms as well. Specifically, I’ll be putting more time/effort into my already-existing Instagram account, as well as trying to get the hang of my Goodreads page once and for all. You should come join me!

What are some of your goals and plans for 2016? If you wish me luck with mine I’ll wish you luck with yours. Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Writerly Plans For 2016

  1. Hey, I’m really looking forward to reading Little One and good job on an amazing year. I’m new to this blog so I know the hassle of one blog post a day, even if the posts are sometimes short. Good luck for your 2016 plans, I’ve got some pretty huge plans myself! Hopefully we both find success.


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