Why You Should Stop Reading Fiction

Fiction encourages use of the imagination

Imagination leads to ideas, and ideas are dangerous. You should be spending your leisure time on activities that don’t stimulate the power in the human mind.

Reading develops unnecessary language skills

Why expand your vocabulary, enhance your ability to express yourself, and gain higher comprehension skill levels when you can get by just as well with thing, stuff, and cool?

Fiction promotes dangerous critical thinking

The last thing society needs is for people to start questioning why things are the way they are and to realize that not everything is the way it should be. Things will be just fine if you accept the status quo and move on.

Fiction has too many layers of meaning

Why can’t people read more pop-culture magazines and viral websites that spoon-feed them what’s going on in the world? It’s the superficial aspects of humanity that really matter. Fiction tends to dig deeper and explore hard issues of life, and that makes everyone uncomfortable. It’s best avoided.

Fiction makes too many new experiences possible

People need to learn to be satisfied with the humdrum routine of an average citizen’s life. Embrace the fact that excitement and adventure are out of your reach.

Fiction exaggerates the beauty of creativity

Creativity is overrated. Why read a piece of ornate poetry or breath-catching prose when you can pick up a perfectly functional newspaper that doesn’t have all the extra flare and style? Words are meant to communicate, not evoke emotions or flow like music.

Reading is a distraction from the obligations of life

You’re busy, busy, busy. Reading forces you to sit down and catch your breath, and it relaxes your mind and body. You can’t afford that, not when you know your next alarm will go off any second and you’ll have to rush out the door again.

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