Saturday Smorgasbord – Ideas Needed!

Welcome, reader, to another installment of Saturday Smorgasbord, where I celebrate this week’s accomplishments (if any), tell you what I’m currently up to (if anything) and clue you in on exciting stuff to come (if any)!

The Children of Falore takes a new direction

Last Saturday I revealed the title for my next novel (The Children of Falore). Since then, I’ve been a bit stuck. Fighting to meet my daily 1500 word quota led me into a dead end chapter. Subsequently, I realized I needed to shake up the first act a bit, and I’m super excited about the new path!

I’ll be adding a series of new chapters culminating in one called ‘The Deranged Dryad King And His Bride’. I think this new direction will make the first act much more exciting (though a bit longer than originally planned).

Judgment Wheel hits the ground running

So, the pre-order period for Judgment Wheel ended Thursday night, and I’m pleased with the results! Upon official release, the short story sat at #13 on Amazon’s YA short reads (30 min) list. I’m actually writing this post ahead of time, so I don’t know where it’ll be ranked now. Thanks so much for your pre-orders and help spreading the word!

Nearing the 2000 follower mark

I want to do something fun to celebrate when I reach 2000 followers on Twitter (if you don’t follow, click that button to the right!), but I’m afraid my bank of ideas is running dry these days. Any suggestions? What’s a good way to get the community involved in this milestone? Drop a comment below and let’s get brainstorming.

Sunday reviews – I need your ideas

Last week I gave my review of Inked, a novel by Eric Smith, as a test-run of a weekly review post. Given the positive feedback, I’ll be continuing on with a review every Sunday. I need your suggestions! I mostly read fantasy (YA or not), but I can definitely be flexible, so if anyone has a good book to recommend, please leave a comment or let me know via Twitter!

That’s it for this weekend, I think. I’m looking forward to your input! If you haven’t subscribed yet, do that as well. Have a great weekend, all.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Smorgasbord – Ideas Needed!

  1. Congrats on Judgement Wheel’s release! Glad to hear it’s doing great! And I’m really excited about The Children of Falore!
    For suggestions once you that awesome 2000 mark, not sure what you’re looking for but giveaway/sales are always exciting.
    Also, have you ever read Resistance by J. L. Knight or Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl? Their some of those awesome Indie book you were talking about in a previous post and I’d love to see you review them!


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