The Benefits Of #Writing For Introverts

I’m a very introverted person. You know the type. I’m not a fan of meeting new people, crowds stress me out (a lot), small talk is taxing, and I rarely feel the need to go out and socialize. The whole package.

While I don’t view those traits as flaws, writing fiction, networking with other writers and readers on social media, and blogging have helped me and changed me as a person in a lot of ways. Here are four of the most significant ways writing has been good for me as introvert.

Writing allows me to express myself

Through my stories and characters I’m able to express thoughts, ideas, experiences, and emotions that I otherwise tend to keep bottled up inside me.


Writing enables me to confront my own fears

No, I’m not talking about my passionate fear of big spiders, bears, or the ocean. Everyone knows about those. I mean fears regarding life, myself, and other people. The fears I don’t talk about. Through writing, I can face them vicariously and come out stronger on the other side.


Writing forces me out of my comfort zone

Being a serious writer involves doing hard things, like interacting with total strangers, presenting myself to the world, and letting other people read and respond to my work. It’s scary, but it’s healthy.


Writing helps me connect with people

Since I started taking my writing seriously, I’ve had the privilege of ‘meeting’ and interacting with a lot of fantastic, unique people, especially through Twitter and blogging. You guys are all awesome, and I’m thankful for (and humbled by) each comment, share, and conversation.



Obviously, these aren’t the only benefits of writing, and the don’t apply exclusively to introverts. But these are some of the big ones for me as an introvert, and I’m sure for others as well.

So. Are you introverted like me? Extroverted? Somewhere in between? We’re all different, but I know writing has had a huge impact on all of us. How has it helped or changed you? Drop a comment below and as always, don’t forget to share/subscribe!




5 thoughts on “The Benefits Of #Writing For Introverts

  1. Just found this article through everly frosts blog, though I usually catch all of your posts in Reader anyway :). I think I’m an extrovert or somewhere in-between, or a really social introvert! I love socializing but am also someone who hibernates for a few weeks at a time (mainly when in the middle of a novel!)

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  2. Fantastic post. I agree with all of the points made, but especially where you talk about writing to address our fears. I have battled many fears and still do, and I love the freedom to explore that through writing. Many times writing helps me understand my feelings and diminish the ones that shouldn’t be there. It’s great. 😀


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