Where Do Your Story Ideas Come From?

I’ve recently seen people tweeting about where they get their story ideas, and it got me thinking. Even though I’ve only published a novel and a short story (which you can still preorder), I’ve written a handful of other novel manuscripts and quite a few short stories.

It was fun to think back and remember where I got the original story idea for each one. Here’s my list (as far as I can remember):


I’m a visual guy. I like being able to visualize the characters, places, and events of a story. Because of this, most of my inspiration and ideas come from browsing digital/concept art on Pinterest, Tumblr, and other sites.


Okay, so it’s a bit cliche to ‘be inspired by dreams,’ but a good number of my finished novel manuscripts (at least four) originated from random dreams that I had. No joke. It hasn’t happened in a long time, as I’ve ‘moved on’ to more reliable idea sources (whatever that means…I need coffee).


A bit of an odd one, I guess. A few of my short stories are based on my own fears. For example, bears scare the crap out of me (don’t judge). So I wrote ‘A Shot in the Dark’, a short story about a blind girl encountering an angry bear in the woods.

Personal life moments

My life’s not exactly an adventure film, but still. As a matter of fact, the only novel I’ve published so far (Little One) was based on a short story, which was based on a real-life moment (when I left for college for the first time and had to say goodbye to my then two-year-old sister). Yes, I absolutely blew everything out of proportion between the event and the novel, but the inspiration was there.


I firmly believe that a good song tells a story, with or without lyrics. A lot of scenes/moments/events in my fiction were inspired by particular songs or soundtrack pieces, especially by geniuses like Koji Kondo or the master himself, Hans Zimmer.

So where do you get your story ideas/inspiration from? I’d love to hear from you, so drop a comment below and don’t forget to follow/subscribe!


4 thoughts on “Where Do Your Story Ideas Come From?

  1. Inspiration is all around us – 24 hours a day. I love combining inspiration from different origins. Dreams are a source that can be combined with other types of inspiration, making us create amazing stories. Including smells and tastes and even personal habits are ideal for intense plot lines.

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  2. I get many of my ideas from the writings of other people (poems, books, fanfiction, manga, etc.). Also T.V. and youtube can be very helpful (even the bad shows can get you thinking about what you would do differently). Great post!


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