The Many Trials Of Being A Writer

No one ever said being a writer was easy. More often than not we’re plagued by adversity and trials. The bright side is these trials can make for some great stories to share! Here are some examples, in no particular order…

  1. Self-doubt and worry.
  2. Finishing a final draft and having to say goodbye to the characters.
  3. Distractions that blot out the sun like Persian arrows.
  4. Interruptions at your moment of most intense concentration.
  5. Chronic procrastination and/or writer’s block in all its devious manifestations.
  6. Missed deadlines. Met deadlines. Deadlines.
  7. That terrifying moment when you realize you’re out of coffee and/or tea and/or wine and/or chocolate.
  8. Staring at what you just wrote with your fingers hovering over ctrl+alt+delete.
  9. Headaches, bleary eyes, sore fingers, cramped wrists.
  10. The barrage of rules and advice and having to sift through it all to decide which ones to break.
  11. The lonely hours when it’s just you and the keyboard.
  12. The even lonelier hours when not even the keyboard likes you.
  13. Cat, get off my keyboaalsdagafwejrdfs…!
  14. Waiting to hear back from editors, agents, and publishers. Your fingernails will never be the same.
  15. Rewriting your opening line five thousand times and still not getting it right.
  16. When your characters go on strike and don’t talk to you for a week.
  18. Lost documents and crashed hard-drives.
  19. Telling people you’re a writer and the ensuing blank stare.
  20. The ‘well…poop’ moment when you read a book and realize the plot is pretty much the same as your work-in-progress.
  21. When spell-check fails you…or when you realize you just can’t spell.
  22. Frequent late nights or all-nighters just to fill that elusive daily word count quota.
  23. When your friends are out having fun and you’re inside writing. You have friends, right?
  24. Rude reviews, rude rejections, rude criticism…
  25. Having to answer ‘What’s your book about?’ on the spot.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. And we wouldn’t want it any other way, because these trials make us stronger.

Which of these twenty-five writerly problems have you experienced the most? Which ones have I left out? Drop a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe/follow.

Keep calm and write on!


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