Q+A with Author Nate Philbrick

I’m thankful for the chance to answer some questions about Little One and writing in general with the fantastic Lauren Gunter! Be sure to go check out her blog, too.

The Writing Road

Several months ago, I published an interview with novelist and writing mentor K. M. Weiland that was more successful than even I had hoped. If you were a fan of said interview, today I’ve got another treat for you! A few weeks ago, I contacted Nate Philbrick, author of Little One, a contemporary fantasy novel, and the writing advice blog You Write Fantasy (formerly Flash Flood Fiction), and asked if he’d favor us with an interview. Nate’s advice and self-admittedly snarky views on the writing life have kept me reading ever since I was introduced to his blog, and today he’s here to answer some questions!

It’s great to talk to you today, Nate! This next bit is required by law, so I’d just like to get it out of the way before we start: You have the write to remain silent, and anything you say may be taken out of…

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