10 reasons why writers are awesome!

Writers are awesome. That’s just the truth. I should know, I am one, and yes, I am awesome *pats self on shoulder and goes to look for friends.* But in all seriousness, if you’re a writer, here are ten reasons why you should feel really freaking good about yourself:

  1. You get to spend time doing what you love. Whether writing is an income source or a hobby, you enjoy those hours at the desk (most of the time). 
  2. The writing community! You have access to a community full of like-minded people that support you in your endeavors and give you feedback on your results.
  3. You are one powerful individual. Manipulating people’s fragile emotions (in an ethically acceptable way!) has never been more satisfying. 
  4. You’ve tapped into a beautiful part of the human mind. As an artist, you develop your creativity and imagination more than most people on the planet.
  5. Self-discovery. Writing reveals facets of your own character and personality that you yourself didn’t know existed.
  6. A healthy emotional outlet. The fiction you write is a great way to channel your emotions, even the negative ones like fear, sorrow, or anger.
  7. You influence society. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to challenge people to think, to act, or to change.
  8. You’ll impact people you’ve never met. If done well, your stories will be enjoyed by thousands of people who will love you for them.
  9. You don’t give up! Writing is hard work, and the fact that you throw yourself into it with all your determination proves you are strong.
  10. You’ll always be able to outdo yourself. The sky’s the limit and there are always new ideas. You’ll never run out of work!

The list could be a lot longer, but it’ll do for now! What else is there about being a writer that’s awesome? Drop a comment and keep the list going! 


7 thoughts on “10 reasons why writers are awesome!

  1. Awesome post! Everything is 100% true!
    Adding to it Authors Can Work When We Want: While we still need to work around other things within our day; in this line of work, it’s perfectly acceptable to show up in your pajamas and get a ton done!


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